Cold rolled steel frame buildings, for industrial, commercial, leisure, storage and other purposes

Utilising a cold rolled steel frame comprising columns and rafters, we are able to design a light weight structure capable of spanning up to 25m, typically in 5m bays and of any length.

Benefits of Cold Rolled Steel

Often referred to as ‘modern methods of construction’, the use of cold rolled steel frame buildings has a long history in the UK. There are many benefits of using lightweight cold rolled steel structural sections.

Lightweight Structure

By using reduced weight steel sections the loadings on footing is reduced, making significant savings in groundworks. Cold rolled frames can be easily fitted as ‘bolt-down’ solutions to pad foundations, or even use ground screws.

Simplified Handling

Due to the reduced weight, erection of cold rolled frames can be achieved with minimal mechanical handling, often making this the only viable solution for tight or restricted access, or remote site locations.

Speed of Construction

Manufacture time is generally significantly less than hot-rolled steel frames, cost is often reduced and erection time on site is much quicker using a cold rolled steel frame.

Reduced Carbon

As the weight of steel and amount of footing and foundations is much less using a cold rolled frame, the carbon footprint is significantly reduced and frames can be demounted and relocated with relative ease making this a highly sustainable option.

Project Showcase

Tailored, Bespoke or Standardised Solutions

At United Products we pride ourselves on providing the client with an optimised solution. Whether this is a cost-effective utility building of simple shape and design, or a complex configuration to meet specific design characteristics, we can tailor any of our solutions or develop new engineered designs to accommodate almost any client requirement or budget.

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